Since Ascend first started 10 years ago, our mission has been to equip churches with amazing websites. That meant it would have all the right features, would be incredibly easy-to-use, and would fit your church budget. It is pretty amazing to have now helped over 650 churches launch new websites.

Over the years, many of you have taken advantage of the services provided by, a trusted partner of ours that helps churches around the world with digital giving, church apps, and church management.

We're excited to announce that after four years of partnership, Ascend and have joined forces as one company. Our goal is to put best-in-class church software into the hands of churches and ministries of every shape and size around the world!

Going forward, the team at Ascend Collective will now be operating as

This is exciting to have two great companies coming together to serve churches in an even greater way, but we also know that some of you will have questions or concerns. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a simple FAQ for you to use.

And we’ll continue to add answers to this post as more questions come up. If you have a question that is NOT answered below, please reach out on the website and chat with us (chat bubble in bottom right of site) or email

What are some of the benefits of and Ascend joining forces?

Here are four key things you should know about what this means for all customers:

  1. The support and customer success teams will jump into supporting Ascend customers around the world resulting in better local time zone support and quicker response times.
  2. Growing team of engineers. currently has a team of 30+ engineers. Ascend has never had more than 2 engineers and this access greatly increases our ability to build and improve the platform.
  3. All features are now included. For every customer who sets up a free giving account, we are excited to offer the Sermon Player and Email Newsletter at no additional cost. This is a cost savings of a minimum of $19/month per church.
  4. Part of a family of church products. You will have access to best-in-class church software that works together. Your website will now be in the same family as Giving, Church Apps, and Church Management Software.

Meet Addie
Manager of Customer Support

Will the Ascend team continue after the merger?

Matt and the entire Ascend team and platform are here to stay! They are amazing people who have built an astounding product, and they’re pumped to join forces with

As a customer in Canada, does this now mean Ascend is owned by a U.S. company? is now the parent company of Ascend and has an official location of Nashville, TN. Ascend will continue to operate as a Canadian entity, owned by (also known as Your Giving, Inc.).

The team of is located around the world with close to 100 employees located across the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Will we have to pay more now with the new plans and pricing?

Existing Ascend customers will see no change in their pricing, and they will not be forced to make a change.

That said, existing Ascend customers will have the option to move into the new lower pricing and seamlessly use Giving. The new pricing will include all Add-ons, including Sermon Player and Email Newsletter.

Will we have to use Giving, Mobile App, or ChMS?

As an Existing Ascend customer, you will not be required to use Giving, Church Apps or Church Management Software.

Current Ascend customers and new customers are eligible for the $19/mo (USD) website plan when using the giving product. Usage of the giving product is defined as having giving transactions processed on the platform via your church website, the giving app, text giving or administrative gift entry tools. There are no minimum requirements for number of transactions processed or dollars processed. If you are a current Ascend customer and do no wish to use the giving product you can continue on your existing pricing/plan without any disruption to service.

More details to come on how to take advantage of the benefits and cost savings of switching to the new Sites plan at $19/mo (USD).

Meet Shirin
Manager of Customer Success

What do I do if I’ve paid yearly for Ascend and I want the new pricing?

If you switch to the new pricing, any pre-paid months of service will be credited to your account. More details coming soon.

Which features are included with the new $19/mo pricing plan?

The $19/mo (USD) plan will include all features of the Ascend platform.

Will I have to migrate off Ascend onto a new system?

Not at all! The platform that Ascend built isn't going anywhere. In fact, we're in the process of extending the capabilities even more. What will happen is the platform built by the Ascend team will be rebranded and take on the Sites name—so there will be no migrations or moving systems.

What are my next steps?

There are no actionable steps for you to take at this time. We will be in touch in the coming months with information and an opportunity for you to take advantage of the new lower pricing.

We are so thankful for each one of you and that you have been part of this amazing journey over the past 10 years. We truly are excited for what this next big step means for you and your ministry. Joining forces with the team allows us to serve you in more exciting ways and we are certain you will love what's to come.

With this merger comes a lot of logistics and details for us to navigate and figure out. We ask for grace and patience during this transition.